Protect Your Polo Pony

iStock_000005478376_SmallpoloSudden stops
Quick turns
Bursts of acceleration

Your polo pony is going through quite a lot of physical strain during a game. It’s no wonder that injury is the number one concern when it comes to polo athletes.

Polo is one of the world’s oldest sports, so of course a lot of research has gone into protecting the athletes from injury. You probably know all the proper feeding, training, grooming and resting techniques for your athlete, and of course you have all the recent, up-to-date equipment; but if you want the latest product in equine health, you need to check out the FlowBoot.

At FlowBoot, we know that the most vulnerable part of your pony is the tendon and ligaments around the fetlock joint. Designed around anatomical equine structures, the FlowBoot is an open-cell foam boot that provides extra cushion and support to the most vulnerable part of your pony.

Get the best for your polo pony. Order your FlowBoot today.

February 17, 2015 | Performance, Science and Research


I had been searching for a good, durable boot for my horse for a while when I found FlowBoot. Now I will never use anything else! These are great and fit my horse perfectly.