FlowBoot Benefits for Training

When you’re training a young horse, one of the biggest challenges you face is keeping them free from injuries. Tendons, ligaments, joints and muscle are placed under considerable strain during training and, if not protected, can become damaged.


The FlowBoot protects and supports areas of the leg that are prone to injury due to training. The open-cell foam boot absorbs heat and is designed around anatomical equine structures, so no damage is caused by support wrapping. Extra cushion and support protect the ligaments of the proximal sesamoid bones to reduce load and hyperextension.

The FlowBoot was designed to support tendons and ligaments without causing any unnecessary pressure or damage. The open front design of the FlowBoot creates a bridge to relieve pressure from the digital extensor tendon. The boot also has grooves that correspond to and create bridges over the palmar digital veins, ensuring proper blood circulation.

The support of the wrap combined with the flexibility of the anatomically correct boot allow for full movement. Your horse won’t feel any restriction, only support.

FlowBoot is great! My horse loves his new boots and they keep him safe. I will never use anything else!